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11 Best Snacks For Your Turkey Holiday

11 Best Snacks For Your Turkey Holiday

11 Best Turkish Snacks You Need to Try On Your Turkey Holiday

Turkish food is unbeatable. No matter what dish you’re craving, you can always expect phenomenal flavors. Whether you’re hankering for a sweet, nutty dessert like Baklava or a super-meaty, fresh Turkish pide, Turkey is a foodie’s paradise – and yes, we mean for vegans too!

Each city has its own spin on the best Turkish food so you’ll never get bored. Here’s an exciting list of some of the best Turkish snacks to enjoy during your Turkey holiday!

1.   Crispy Midye Tava

Craving for some fancy Turkish street food? Midye Tava is a combination of deliciously crispy, battered mussels served on sticks. It can be enjoyed both as a lovely evening snack or an appetizer. The mussels are coated in a crusty, well-seasoned batter and deep-fried in hot oil.

The mussels are gorgeously arranged on sticks and cooked inside a cauldron with a wide rim. This keeps the mussels warm and fresh once they emerge out of the bubbling oil. You can easily find Midye tava at most seaside spots and street food corners in Istanbul. Served with a zesty tartar sauce and a sprinkle of salt, here’s a Turkish snack you will remember forever!

2.   Midye Dolma

Here’s another spin on mussels – Midye dolma. These mussels are marinated and stuffed with spiced rice. Topped with a generous squeeze of lemon, this light snack is the perfect wrap to a heavy dinner.

If spicy food thrills you then you’re definitely going to love Midye dolma. This popular snack is a regular in most coastal areas in Izmir, Istanbul, and Bodrum. Plump, zesty, and perfectly spiced, Midye dolma might just become your favorite way to enjoy mussels.

3.   Hot Turkish Pide

Who doesn’t love a tasty, steaming Turkish pide? This Turkish delicacy is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Pide is an open-faced pie that is filled with juicy lamb, tomatoes, chopped onions, yogurt, olive oil, and spices.

The dish is as old as the 15th century and was first introduced in Eastern Lebanon. Since then, its popularity has spread like wildfire across the Arab region. In Turkey, you can find pide in many variations. Enjoyed with generous dollops of yogurt or tahini sauce, Turkish pide can instantly delight a foodie!

4.   Mısır – Grilled Corn

Nothing beats a pleasantly sweet and warm corn-on-the-cob. If you’re earnestly searching for the cheapest yet the best street food in Istanbul, grilled corn is it. Also known as “Mısır”, Turkish corn is boiled in sugary water that allows all the buttery, sweet flavors to seep into the kernels.

Sprinkled with salt and pepper, grilled corn can also be easily found with street sellers all over Turkey. They usually carry buckets of delicious boiled corn that are ready to devour. And if munching on cob is not your thing, you can totally opt for a cup of sweetcorn instead!

5.   Halka Tatlısı

This popular snack is just a delightful as its name. Halka tatlısı is the Turkish version of churros. If you’re a sucker for hot, crispy, and perfectly sweet churros, then you’re going to love these even more. A traditional Turkish dessert, Halka tatlisi is made into a circular fried dough.

But wait for the best part – the moment they’re out of the fryer, the churros are dipped in a velvety sugary syrup that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds. They’re super crispy from the outside and deliciously tender on the inside. You’ll probably need a moment of silence for how just how good they taste!

6.   Kumpir

Kumpir is Turkish-styled, super-creamy baked potatoes. Once they’re out of the oven, the lusciously soft potatoes are cut open and in goes a delicious batter of cheese and butter. With all that buttery goodness melting in your mouth, Kumpir is sure to win your heart. You can easily spot this at most street food corners in Turkey.

If you’re visiting during the colder months, enjoy these steamy potatoes with a warm cup of Turkish tea.

7.   Sigara Böreği

Do you fancy pastries with your cup of coffee? Sigara Boregi – a traditional Turkish food – is a sumptuous cigar-shaped pastry you can enjoy for breakfast. This deep-fried delicacy is cut into thin, petite rolls of dough and filled with an ultra-delicious mixture of parsley and cheese.

The pastries are made with the delicately fine yufka dough that really gives it a sophisticated taste. Each bite is full of flavors, spices, and cheesy goodness. If you prefer a thicker dough for delicious mouthfuls, Sigara Boregi is also made with phyllo dough.

Enjoy a fusion of a crispy outer coating and a lusciously soft, cheesy filling inside. If you’re looking for the best food in Turkey, definitely count this one in.

8.   Leblebi

All those yearning for healthy Turkish snacks in the midst of all the deep-fried, cheesy foods – we’ve got you covered. Leblebi is protein-packed roasted chickpeas eaten plain or with a light sprinkle of spices, cloves, and salt.

If you enjoy munching during your Turkey holiday, leblebi is definitely your go-to snack. For those who don’t prefer spicy chickpeas, you can get yours coated in chocolate or sugar. Super cheap and easily available, these chickpeas are incredibly popular in Syria and Iran as well.

9.   Gozleme

If you’re a fan of Turkish borek, you’re going to be obsessed with gozleme. A meaty flatbread stuffed with tender veggies and cheese, Gozleme is a savory delight that will make your heart sing. The meat is beautifully seasoned with subtle spices and mixed with fresh onion, potato, spinach, and cheese.

The bread is then stuffed with the meaty mixture, brushed with butter or olive oil, and lovingly baked. Mind you, even the griddle it cooks on – known as a “sac” – is super special too. You can enjoy this one as a pre-dinner snack. If you’re exploring Turkish cuisine, you can easily find gozleme as part of breakfast in Cappadocia!

10. Turkish Delight

If Turkey’s on your bucket list then trying Turkish delight goes without question. This traditional dessert is irresistibly sweet and made with pistachios, walnuts, and chopped dates. Held firmly together by a saccharine gel syrup, the desserts are then cut into bite-size cubes you can devour in one go! So, have you started searching “Turkish delight near me” yet?

11. Cig Kofte

Who isn’t obsessed with Turkish kebabs? Cig kofte is just what you need on a weekend night in Turkey. Easily designated as the best Turkish food, Cig kofte are veggie kebabs made with bulgur, onions, and pepper paste.

They are spicy, tangy, and oozing with heavenly flavors you simply don’t want to miss. Savor them in a lettuce wrap or warm bread and spiced yogurt. Spot Cig kofte at most street food stalls in central Turkey.

The flavors of Turkey are delicious and homely. You don’t have to spend a hefty amount to enjoy these treats. Most of them can be easily found at street food stalls and seaside places. Make sure to try them all for an unforgettable experience during your Turkey holiday!

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